XMPP armagedaon (Maybe?)

Have an older device that requires XMPP? Worried about what’s going to happen when XMPP goes *poof*?

Then read on.

CirlceNet will port your number if possible to our service for $0.00 and provide you with inbound service for $0.00 for three months. Outbound calling would be billed at our current rates. At any time during this period your of course free to port out to another provider if you want.

At the end of the three months accounts would move onto our $1.50 rate and we’d add e911support.

Outgoing calls would be billed at our current fabulous rates:

This offer expires on July 1 or when we decide we’ve taken on as many DIDs as we can handle. If your interested signup for a BYOD account and let our sales@circlenet.us email box know your an XMPP refugeeĀ .


ALSO PLEASE REFER TO OUR TAXES AND FEES TAB. CIRCLENET LLC is required to collect and remit various taxes based on your locality. These taxes will affect your actual billed rate and are averaging $1-$2 per month, please contact us if you’d like to know what the taxes and fees are for your specific area.