BYOD CircleNet Setup

Different SIP clients (hardware SIP phones, ATAs and software ones) have different setup processes, if you are unable to get your device to connect please send us an email with the type of device and we’ll create a custom set of instructions for you.

In general you can use the below information to configure your device.

SIP server (or proxy, or domain) :
Username (or User ID) : Your Circlenet VOIP username, you can find this under the SIP Device settings tab in the Circlenet portal
Password password : Your Circlenet VOIP password
Auth name (or Auth ID) : Same as your username
Display Name : Your name
Register (or Send registration request) : Yes

Circlenet recommends the G711 ulaw codec on all calls to ensure the best possible audio quality.

Registry Expiry (or Registration interval) 120 sec (2 minutes) if your SIP client is behind NAT router.

Caller ID
We suggest you to use your real telephone number (starting with the area code, 15405551212 for example) for caller ID. You can specify this setting inside of the CircleNet portal as well. When you place a call this real number will be shown to the called party. Caller ID spoofing, and telemarketing calls are not allowed with our service. We do not guarantee reliable CID number delivery to all destinations.